No doubt you’ve heard the word “IP address.(unless you live in cave, even the cave guys had to hide their IP.). I.P address is a fascinating modern computer technology that is uniquely designed to allow a computer to communicate with another via the internet. IP address hider enables the location of over billions of digital devices with internet connectivity to be identified and differentiated from other devices.

An IP address stands for “internet protocol”. So we could call an I.P address an “Internet Protocol Address”. What does it actually means? An internet protocol is an assigned rule that administer all internet activity and enables the completion of almost all internet activities.


Hiding your I.P address enables you to secretively shield your internet activity from organizations, companies or even hackers who might want to track your online activity/details. More than often, your internet service provider lurks into your computer to track down your generated online data.

The internet world has left off from what it used to be- several dangers and limitations lurk online. Here are a few reasons why hiding your IP is a wise decision.

  • Access to streaming, regardless of your location
  • A secure way to escape nefarious activities of snoopers lurking around your information
  •  Perfect way to bypass surveillance security system online


To surf anonymously and hide your IP; you’ll need a proxy or a VPN.

Mask your IP address with a VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) abbreviated as VPN, helps you connect to another network, and when connected your PC switches over to a new address created by the VPN provider. All traffic coming in and going out from your computer is routed via the VPN network.

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There are several available free web proxy servers that can help you hide your IP and browse the web anonymously. When you browse via a proxy, you’re directly not accessing a site directly, but going through a third party agent (“proxy”) which transmit your data back and forth between you and the imputed site.


A proxy and a VPN connect you to a remote computer so the likely perform the same functions, right? not really! a proxy server is a server type that acts in form of a middleman by interfering with the flow of your computer’s internet traffic and makes it appears as if you’re surfing from a different location. Proxies are the perfect options for low stake tasks such as watching geo-restricted you-tube videos, bypassing strict content filters or IP based restrictions on services. But as for VPN, the whole process is performed via a strongly encrypted tunnel between your PC and the remote network. This makes a VPN connection more ideal to surf through high-stake network service where security or privacy is a concern.


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is best described as a strictly encrypted virtual tunnel that grabs and shuttles your online activity between your host server and your computer. All of your online activities, from gaming online to check your bank details, won’t be visible to anyone but your VPN host server. Also, you can use a VPN to break-through geo-restricted sites because your I.P address will remain anonymous to the target site. A VPN also performs well when it comes to security. Public Wi-Fi like those found in airports and hotels, isn’t always safe- agents can spy on your activity if your data isn’t encrypted. This is where you need a VPN.  Simply put, what a VPN does is to connect your computer to a highly secured server using an encrypted connection. The IP address is masked with a different IP address. With the VPN encryption, your online activity and download become invisible to everyone.

What’s important is selecting the best VPN service that can optimally unmask your identity from restricted sites. The well-known expressvpn will perfectly circumnavigate the processes of getting anonymous. There are boatloads of options available so be sure to check the one that suits your needs and works best.


Does browse via unblocked website safe?

No, it’s not safe at all. You might can do it for browsing normal website without enter any credential. DO NOT enter any username/password, credit card, etc during using this unblocked website.


Maybe yes! The internet can be a very tricky world. Even the most cautious surfers can turn out victims of identity misplacement, an unaware candidate of malicious software. Therefore, the best way to protect your computer from spy and hackers is by keeping a private IP address. Your IP address includes scraps of info about your PC, such as its operating system and residence location. Dangerous hackers and cybercriminals can use your IP address information to detect which portion of your system is unprotected and utilize the insecurity as a way to snoop into your computer.



The main reason why people hide their IP address is to keep the computer safe from hackers, networks and phishing attempts. Once you hide your IP you will no longer be subjected to risks from all these threats.


Hide your info so that websites will not be able to monitor and track your internet activities. Most tracking system won’t pose a threat to your computer, but you wouldn’t want your online information to fall into the wrong hands. Hiding your IP address will also block all the frustrating pop-up adverts and annoying internet marketing strategies.


If your computer IP address is restricted from accessing a particular site like Netflix, Hulu or BBC, etc, or you’re surfing from a geo-restricted location, a private IP address will help you browse the internet fully and freely.


After connecting to a VPN server, your IP address automatically changes. to confirm the automatic change, kindly follow these simple procedures:

Visit IP checker page to check your current ip and check your location.

Connect back to your VPN

Visit what is your ip page again (or perhaps refresh the page) to be sure that IP address has truly changed. And that’s all. You’ve successfully checked your IP.

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