The work of a proxy is to allow you to surf the internet under a different IP address identity.  The good thing about a proxy website is that you don’t have to change your internet provider, you simply go online and look for free proxies or list of list of proxies and you will come across numerous sites that offer lists of free proxies.

How a proxy works

A proxy server is a PC on the web that is designed to redirect your internet surfing activities. Usually, the moment you type the name of a website, your internet service provider (ISP) will make a request for you and connects you with the destination. Note that this will unmask your actual IP address. All your internet requests will get rerouted when you use a proxy. When you use a proxy, your online requests are redirected from your PC to your ISP, and then get redirected to the proxy server and later to the site. During this process, the proxy uses the IP address that you selected during the setup, hiding your actual IP address.

Why Would You Want to Use a Proxy?

When using a direct connection to the internet to load a site online, your IP address will be exposed to the server where it is hosted. Using this address, the server can detect your geographical location and also the browser will send its user agent details and the sire will know the browser you are using. Additionally, cookies that are kept in your PC will expose some of your personal details.

A proxy server is designed to mask your IP address once you set than to do this by sending different user agent information such that your browser is not identified. Additionally, the proxy can block the cookies in your PC or accept them but prevent them from getting to your computer. As a result, once you are using a proxy server, you will be surfing anonymously to mask your identity.

What is an American Proxy?

When you want to access all those websites that are under censorship, you will need to use an American proxy. Since they are other things online, the proxy allows you to trick some mechanisms and controls to access any site that is blocked.

Why Use an American Proxy?

Using a device that is connected to a US location has numerous advantages. While using a good IP, you can do all your internet activities as if you were in America. This will allow you to access numerous content to download and stream.  Some of the benefits include:

  • Accessing block sites
  • Accessing your accounts while in the US
  • Downloading games that are not accessible in your country
  • Accessing streaming videos blocked in your country

How to Use an American Proxy Server

Go to the tools menu in the internet explorer, select internet options and click on the connection tab and choose LAN settings. On the Proxy server, choose the USE A PROXY server for your LAN check box. Enter the IP address of the proxy server in the address box. Enter the port number that is used by the proxy server for client connections in the Port box. Select the Bypass proxy server for a local address. Close the LAN settings by clicking OK. Close the internet options dialog box by clicking OK again.