Are you wondering how to unblock websites? Is it really possible?

You are at work and you want to relax. So, you decide to view your Facebook, but you can’t access it because it is blocked. We all have gone through this situation. In the age of the Internet, it is easy to harass public by blocking various sites. There are many sites that are blocked for various reasons. An easy and simple way to get access to blocked sites is by using VPN. In this article

Before that, you must know why some sites are blocked and why you must use VPN.

Why Are Some Sites Blocked in Some Locations?

There are several well-known sites that are only available in some countries. The reasons behind this could be the site’s choice not to make the content available for some countries. Another reason may be that the content is not appropriate for any other country. Moreover, some sites are blocked because of the censorship. There are many countries that have blocked certain sites in order to prevent their citizen to have access to those sites like Facebook is banned in China, Iran, and Syria. It can be because of cultural, social, political reasons or just a simple censorship. Furthermore, business blocks some sites as it decreases the productivity of the employees such as Facebook and YouTube.

How a VPN Can Unblock Websites

One of the easiest ways to get around blocked sites is by using VPN. It is basically a channel between the internet and your device. The VPN software on your device encrypts the data when you type the website and connects it to an IP address. This information is sent to the VPN server through your ISP provider. After this, at the VPN server, the data is decrypted and sent forward to the website. Then, the information is sent back to the VPN server, where the information is encrypted again and forwarded to your device through ISP provider. The main factor of a VPN is enabling access to a blocked content is encryption. When you use a VPN, all your information is encrypted, meaning that it is unreadable by any human or computer.

Why You Should Use VPN

The best solution is by using VPN. Here are the reasons why you should use VPN.

  • VPN enables you to download torrents from anywhere in the world.
  • It will allow you to bypass the censorship placed by government.
  • This will help you in getting access to the content that is geo-restricted.
  • All your information will be safe and you will be protected from hackers.

How to Choose the Best VPN for Unblocking Websites

There are a plethora of VPNs available making it easier for the internet users who have this question. However, because of this wide range of VPNs, finding the best one can prove to be an overwhelming task. Have a look at the factors that you must consider.

  • You must focus on the servers the VPN provider has and in how many countries they have servers in.
  • What types of site you can access, Do you want to unblock Netflix or unblock Youku from outside China?
  • How many devices you can connect at a time
  • The bandwidth they provide
  • The location of the VPN provider
  • Is the installation process easy or not
  • Payment options
  • Allow p2p or torrent

Best VPN for Unblocking Websites

The best VPN for getting around blocked sites will help you beat internet censorship. Here are our top recommendations:

RankProviderPrice/MonthGo To Website
NordVPN Review
PureVPN Website
Expressvpn Review
Vyprvpn Review
PIA Review

Therefore, a simple solution to the question how to unblock websites is VPN. There are plenty of other ways to get access to blocked content, but VPN is an easy way.

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