VPN services allow you to protect your identity, maintain your privacy, provide access to unavailable websites and even boost streaming speeds. If VPN alone can do such wonders, you can only expect so much more from double VPN.

What is Double VPN?

Double VPN is like double the goodness of a single VPN. What it does it that it connects two proxy servers together. So it is a VPN connection through another VPN connection. When the idea of this double VPN first came around, users were blown by the fact that it would actually be a foolproof security of identity. Therefore, it led to the invention of a whole series of technology including triple VPN and then quad VPN. Switching between so many servers and IP addresses makes it impossible to track the actual location of the user. It is a whole new level of privacy and protection. How it works is that one VPN connection creates a connection between the user and another IP address. Then, this new IP address is channeled to another IP address and finally, this multiple-way connection allows the user to surf the internet with a highly secure connection.

Double VPN has gained a lot of fame recently, especially when the use of VPN servers has become so widespread. Many VPN services have adopted this technology to provide their users with the latest opportunities. Not every VPN service has started providing double VPN but you do have a lot of great options.

Who provide Double VPN?

nordvpn website

Among these is Nord VPN. They have the double VPN service with a mix between TCP and UDP connection in order to further increase the security. The best part is that Nord VPN is offering this service at the same price as of regular VPN. The low budget offer allows everyone to enjoy the extra secure system. This specific VPN service provider works the double connection through Austria and Netherlands. This means your final generated IP address will be of these areas so you cannot use it for websites where the IP address of another country is required. For example, this double VPN will not let you access Netflix US from the UK.

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Extra Anonymous

Among the many advantages of this technology is the extra anonymity. Even your second VPN connecting server will not know your true location. Since your final connection is through this second server, this means your actual location is 100% private. Secondly, you can access multiple sites with varying geo-locations with the help of a single VPN service. You only have to pay for one service and then let the VPN provider do the hard work. With multiple layers of security, there is no privacy issue.


slow internet

However, double VPN can slow down your internet speed. VPN on its own does boost streaming speeds by toggling ISP but the geographical distance between the two servers does increase connection time. Your signals have to travel from you to country A, from there to country B, then to your final destination, and then all the way back. If you’re ready to compromise speed for anonymity, then you should go for double VPN.