Privatoria VPN service is Closed

Hello, we are new owner of and we have nothing to do with last owner. We don’t know why it was closed. From what we can tell, they just left this domain expired and we bought it.

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How VPN Works

Double encryption VPN Plus Tor provides the highest level of security and anonymity


VPN encrypts your traffic and hides your real IP. Tor makes you anonymous routing your traffic through the Tor nodes. No logs

Media About Us

Privatoria, the Czech Republic-based company, offers far more than a VPN solution. Its features are identical to those of a life-jacket, bullet-proof vest or space suit for surfers, police officers or cosmonauts.

There is much to recommend Privatoria. Most importantly, it keeps no logs at all and is ridiculously cheap.

Privatoria is a VPN solution that offers both low prices and a series of powerful advanced features that recommend it for Deep Web access and other activities that the user wants to maintain anonymous.

You will be absolutely amazed when you compare the prices of this VPN service to other VPN service providers.

Existe una amplia variedad de servicios VPN, tanto gratuitos como de pago que ofrecen una amplia variedad de servicios. En lo que respecta al que nos ocupa, además de ofrecer protección en la navegación en Internet y cifrado del tráfico no almacena ningún tipo de registro de las actividades que se realizan mientras se hace uso del servicio.

Privatoria protects customers’ privacy when using the Internet. It does not ask customers for personally identifiable information, and it does not keep user activity logs, including browsing, download history or other traffic logs.

The Privatoria is one of the best VPN networks that provides you with double protection of VPN plus Tor and offers the highest level of anonymity. You can bypass the geo restrictions and even access the blocked websites in your country using this service.

One of the features that make Privatoria unique and irregular VPN provider are Tor-integrated services. These services are implemented to provide Privatoria customers with double protection.

Privatoria VPN + Proxy + Tor

If you are looking for how to unblock blocked websites, how to change IP, how to secure your online traffic, how to download torrents securely, use public WiFi safely, how to use Tor without Tor browser, how to use Tor safely, Privatoria offers a great solution.

Hide IP & encrypt your traffic

Privatoria developed a unique site unblocker solution which hides your real IP address and encrypts your online traffic. Privatoria list of services includes Secure VPN, Anonymous Proxy, Web Proxy Tor, VPN Plus Tor and browser extensions for simple anonymous surfing. VPN Plus Tor and Web Proxy Plus Tor services are unique features which differentiate Privatoria from other VPN providers. Using Privatoria anonymizer you can change IP address and the website you visit doesn’t know who you are and where are you from really. It makes your browser anonymous and opens new opportunities to unblock blocked websites. Privatoria VPN encrypts all your online activities including web browsing and other apps which connect to the Internet from prying eyes. Torrent friendly gateways around the world allow you to enjoy downloading and streaming favorite torrents with high speed.

Zero logs VPN

Your privacy is very important to us. That’s why we have a no logs policy. This means we keep no logs. You can be confident that your confidential information won’t be overheard, intercepted or used against you.

What benefits do you get from anonymous surfing with Privatoria?

Hide & change your real IP address. Encrypt all your traffic and surf from any country in one click. Zero-logs policy. Use Tor without Tor browser. Easy access to dark websites. Get double encryption VPN Plus Tor. Use Tor safely and hide the fact of using Tor from ISP, Tor sees only Privatoria’s VPN IP address. Unblock websites which are not available in your country or blocked by your employer (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Netflix, etc…). Make foreign market research from the homeland. Privatoria is a useful tool for market researchers, analytics, product managers, business development managers, SEO specialists, etc… Save your money buying tickets, book hotels and make other online purchases via Proxy to get the cheapest offer. Protect your payments from hackers, encrypt your passwords, credit card details, and other sensitive data online. Use free public WiFi securely, protect your online activity from hackers.

Stay private online with Privatoria.