How To Use Tor Safely?

  • Use Privatoria VPN Plus Tor to get double protection. Hide your IP and the fact of using Tor from ISP and others
  • Privatoria VPN Tor service routes all Internet traffic through VPN and Tor
  • Enjoy stable Tor. Privatoria checks Tor chains in real time and provides access only to working Tor nodes.

Easy to use. No special skills required. Just 2 clicks and get access to darknet without Tor browser

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How To Use Tor Safely?

What Is Tor?

What is Tor? How to Tor? How to use Tor safely? Tor Firefox, Tor Explorer, Tor Chrome? Tor browser not working or Tor browser not connecting? Let’s give clear answers to all your questions.

Tor is a free software for anonymous communication between computers. Onion routing utilizes encryption in the application layer. In other words, Tor is a network of server computers that are used as a path for Internet traffic. In such way, Tor makes you anonymous online. It hides your real IP address and helps to unblock websites. To use Tor you need to download Tor browser (sometimes it is called Darknet browser, dark web browser, onion browser), setup it and makes configurations.

Therefore, there is a simple way to use Tor without Tor browser. Privatoria developed Tor-integrated VPN solution and proxy browser extensions to use Tor in your favorite browser and to stay secure online.

How To Use Tor Safely? is a very reliable way to ensure anonymity, but hackers periodically find loopholes to identify users. Privatoria offers a solution for connecting to the Tor network through the VPN server Privatoria, thus providing double protection and maximum ease of use without any additional software. The decision allows to protect themselves from such intrusions. To be hacked via Tor, you must first be identified. Tor only sees the IP address of the Privatoria VPN server. Privatoria does not have any information on you because we do not keep logs and do not require your personal information. Therefore, in the case of a theoretical compromise of the Tor, you will be additionally protected by the threshold of the VPN.

Privatoria VPN Tor service routes all traffic through Privatoria VPN and Tor. Using Tor with VPN allows to surf via dark web and visit onion sites without installing Tor browser. If Tor browser not working or Tor browser not connecting, you can setup simple VPN connection on your device and enter Privatoria settings to surf darknet.

In addition, using VPN with Tor allows you to hide the fact of using Tor from your ISP. It is also important to note that not all Tor nodes are always working. Privatoria checks in real time chains and only provides access to known working Tor nodes. So, start using Tor securely.

Tor Without Tor Browser

Privatoria offers a unique solution to use Tor without Tor browser. You are able to choose VPN Plus Tor or Web Proxy Tor.

Web Proxy Tor or VPN Tor?

Both solutions make you anonymous online and provide access to the darknet. Therefore, Web Proxy Tor routes your web browser traffic through Tor network. Other traffic from apps and games will be unprotected.

Web Proxy Tor is the best choice to get access to Tor and change IP in one click. Thanks to developed by Privatoria browser extensions for Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox it is very easy and quick. Just download the extension from the market and enable it in your browser.

Moreover, it works even without an extension. Just make simple settings in the proxy section of your browser and enjoy Tor even in Internet Explorer.