Looking for a way to secure your online actions from spying and ISP tracking. To avoid a cyber attack when you use Public WiFi or just to hide your online identity and feel a freedom of staying anonymous to the world? Secure VPN connection is created to fully protect you. To protect your personal information and banking details when you shop online and make payment.

How does VPN differ?

There are two types of VPN providers: Free VPN and Paid VPN. Let’s see the difference.

What’s the price for Free VPN service?

The advantage of Free VPN service is that you do not have to pay, seems that’s it.

If you get something for free it does not mean that someone is not trying to earn money from you. Free VPN services are just earning money in a different way. They spend less time for creating a good product and as a result, you get an unstable connection and slow speed. They do not have customer support and in case you have any issues you should solve it all by yourself. Earn money by showing you advertisement etc.

Paid VPN service

The advantages of Paid VPN service:

  • better traffic encryption and protection from cyber attack and malware.
  • stable and fast connection
  • a variety of servers around the world
  • customer support usually works 24/7
  • a simultaneous connection on 3-5 devices
  • Extensions for browsers
  • Supported Client Software
  • Ad-blocking
  • No logging policy

The disadvantage is that you have to pay.

Be aware that Free VPN services can be indeed dangerous as during installation you may get some unwanted software which leads to malware and viruses. Think twice before looking for a way to buy cheap online VPN.

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