Do you want to feel safe while using the internet, to avoid traffic monitoring or stealing of your private information?  you must be heard about free online and Public Proxy which promises to make you anonymous online. If you make aresearch on Google you will find a lot of free Internet Proxy services offering to hide your IP, unblock websites and secure you from throttling.

What do you get by using free Web Proxy?

We all are accustomed to thinking that the internet is a free source of information. So why should we pay for our online security when we can just ask Google which helps to find a wide range of free Web Proxy services. However, weforget a small thing – we all pay our ISPs for the internet which is definitely not free.

Why do we save money on our online security?

It may cost much more if you use wrong free Internet Proxy. Think twice before using free Web Proxy as using the wrong proxy may lead not only to slow speed and bad service but it can be dangerous. When we choose ISP provider we want to pay money for a good product and get high internet speed. Of course, Web Proxy is not an ISP but a good, safe Proxy service requires resources and intensive work on it. It means a goodproduct cost money and it is better not to save money on your online security & privacy.

If Free Web Proxy services do not charge you it does not mean they do not earn money for you. They just do in another way. For example, showing a lot of different advertisement in their Apps which make you, finally, click on it. They are willing to provide you with the advertisement, not a high internet speed as they are indeed not in a hurry.

NordVPN is focused on online security and anonymity. The list of their services includes highly Secure VPN & Proxy services which allow for safeguarding yourself from identity theft and traffic monitoring. In order to provide ourcustomer with the highest level of security, they made their services Tor integrated. VPN-Tor and Proxy Tor which gives double protection and allows to visit dark web without Tor browser. Do not wait to buy NordVPN right now! Make yourweb surfing anonymous and protect your online privacy.