For a blogger or website owner, an IP address lookup can be used to find extra information about the visitors to your website. Another reason to perform an IP lookup is to find out who sent you an anonymous email or private message. Perhaps you desperately want to find out your secret admirer. If you have ever wondered if there is a way to get more information about someone just from an IP address, the answer is yes. This is a rather simple task to complete and there are websites all over the Internet to help you on your way to a complete IP lookup.

The first thing you will need to start your IP lookup is, obviously. the IP address of the computer you want to get more information about. An IP address is a set of four different numbers, ranging from 0 to 255, separated by decimal points. It’s kind of like a phone number for a computer. Everyone has one and they can be rather simple to find out. If you own a blog on a popular service such as Blogger or WordPress, you can find the IP address of every visitor to ever visit your website in your administration panel. In the admin panel, there should be a log of every visitor who has visited your website, with the IP address being the main identifying factor in each visitor on the list.

If you want to perform an IP address lookup on someone who has sent you an anonymous email, tracking down the IP will be a little different. When you receive an email, there is usually a button that says something like “view full information” next to the name of the person who sent you the email. Click this button and it should give you more information about this mysterious email. The IP address of the sender should be listed in this little section of extra information. Once you have this IP address, you are ready to perform an IP lookup to find out more information about this anonymous mailer.

How do I get IP lookup?

To perform the IP lookup, do a quick Google search for one of the many IP lookup websites available on the Internet. Once you have arrived at one of the sites, there will be a bar where you enter the IP address and after you press the enter key, some more information about this IP address should appear on your screen. These results won’t be a full name, street address, or anything like that, but you should be able to find out the city and state of the computer in question.