The internet is a part of our life, everyone is connected more than ever. Due to the growth of modern technologies and a vast quantity of modern devices, people are becoming more concerned about their security. All popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera could claim to be secure. All browser providers are trying to offer own security methods. For example, Chrome has free Proxy extensions which can be downloaded from Chrome Store Market, Firefox has proxy settings but the biggest invention was made by Opera. Recently they added a new feature to their browser – free VPN, available for everyone. However, as all free VPN providers, it has slow speed and unstable connection.

At the browser market, there are more specialized products which are focused on privacy: Epic browser, Comodo, and browser Tor etc.

Tor Browser for Mac

According to the opinion of advanced users, Tor browser is the safest web browser.

Tor web browser is definitely one of the safest browsers, in terms of anonymity and protection against different types of tracking. It encrypts your data and makes it bounce around things called “nodes” all around the world, so people can’t track down you or your sleights of hand online. it includes no anti–malware technology and blocks plug–ins by design. It’s really good when it comes to privacy, but the connection of Tor onion browser isn’t very fast, due to the fact that the traffic has to travel around the globe to keep you safe. It’s utilized by people who value their privacy online.

However, Tor internet browser has a list of things which should be used carefully in order to utilize its safety, including downloading and opening documents which need external applications. Tor browser is mostly considered to be a privacy browser, not a safe environment. However, you’re not 100% safe even if you use Tor onion browser.