Committing digital suicide? Or just going incognito?

An average American citizen has more than 130 personal accounts. It means approximately 130 login screens, passwords, usernames and email verifications. No wonder one gets sick and tired of such an existence! In case you want to “go dark” on the web and browse anonymously, the future is bright for you!

Feel like wiping your entire existence off the internet in a few clicks? There’s a way out how to disappear online! The website was created by Swedish developers Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck who designed the internet deletion site as a place for people to “clean up their internet presence”. The service shows all websites (such as Facebook, Evernote, Dribble, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) a person is signed up to and asks for a permission to delete them or unsubscribe.

Security and anonymity online: How to get?

Dahlbo and Unnebäck emphasized the privacy of users and stated that the program runs on the user’s computer, rather than their servers. The website uses Google’s security protocol, OAuth, which means it doesn’t gain access to users’ login information. is still a work in progress, fairly limited at the moment. It only scans for accounts made with Google email addresses.

The website doesn’t equip you with a magic wand so that you can make all those accounts vanish just by waving your hands. Nothing comes for free, not even digital suicide – it requires precious time. Want to know how to delete/hide online and how to browse the web anonymously? As an experiment, you can enter an email, the service then quickly produces a list of the sites that maintained an account using that address. As a result, you can be stunned, with about 200 sites in the list, from recognizable services to sites you purchased something from a decade ago, still keeping your info and sending junk mail on a regular basis. isn’t the only service of the kind. is a directory of direct links to delete accounts from web services (Open Source). AccountKiller is a free app for Web / Cloud that provides instructions to remove accounts or public profiles on most popular websites. Well, if there’s demand of how to clean up online existence totally, there’s supply…

Remain alive, remain secure, browse incognito!

It’s quite understandable that this service’s tagline is an exaggeration as one cannot completely wipe classified data stored in the vaults of FBA, NASA, Interpol or National Bank, etc. You may not be able to delete your information completely, but it’s possible to preserve online privacy and anonymity easily. Here are some simple tips how to browse incognito:

  1. Google Yourself
  2. Hop Off The Social Media Platforms
  3. Un! Sub! Scribe!
  4. Clean Up Your Phone
  5. VPN, Baby!
  6. Have A Talk With Your Friends

You may not be an undercover FBI agent, but you’ll be surprised how many of your everyday activities require a high degree of privacy and anonymity:

  • purchasing at online shops,
  • paying various bills through online banking,
  • transmitting money via PayPal system,
  • talking shop to colleagues (especially on “Authorized Access” topics),
  • sending confidential materials, etc.

With all these issues in mind, there’s no wonder one can become paranoid! While accessing the Internet from non-protected public Wi-Fi spots (by the way, do you know how to secure your home & public Wi-Fi?), you might be spied on by numerous online criminals – data hackers, identity thieves, and cyber offenders. Never use public Wi-Fi unless your connection is encrypted as you become an easy target for unwanted surveillance. Thus, a burning question of how to browse anonymously arises, and the answer is that simple!

Need to browse anonymously? Meet simple solution!

There are solutions to online security/anonymity problems based on VPN / Proxy servers’ technology. There’s one provider that employs complex approach towards privacy protection – Privatoria. Even layman users without a technical background can manage various online threats with its services and can find out how to browse incognito without a hitch.

As for payments privacy, the company thought it out as well. Besides traditional methods (PayPal accounts & debit/credit cards with your name & other private details that, unfortunately, can be disclosed in an unsolicited manner), Privatoria services can be paid for by Bitcoin currency, absolutely anonymously, from any place in the world!