YouTube is the most popular video-hosting website on the internet. It is a subsidiary of Google which explains one reason for its popularity. It receives a ton of advertising and often shows up as the first search result on Google search. Other reasons for its confounding popularity include the fact that it hosts music videos, celebrity channels, and an interactive forum for people to host and discuss videos of all types. Another great aspect of YouTube is the fact that it is very accessible and easy to interact with. It is without the doubt the largest video-sharing website, but some people are unable to use it because of their country’s laws.

Countries that have YouTube blocked

Countries that have YouTube blocked

Countries that have YouTube currently blocked include China, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, North Korea and Eritrea. The reason why YouTube is blocked in these countries is mainly due to political or religious reasons. China, Iran and North Korea have a lot of internet censorship and consider and often do not promote Western websites. The other countries on the list have YouTube blocked for religious reasons. The citizens of these countries cannot access YouTube directly and often have to adopt some backdoor methods such as VPNs. Let’s take a look at how to access YouTube if it is blocked in your country.

Best VPN to Unblock Youtube

Before start, vpn is the key to unblock youtube. We are going to browse like we live overseas. Sign up one of the top vpn providers below before continue.

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How to unblock youtube on Windows 10

How to unblock YouTube on iPhone and iOS

Unblocking YouTube on your iPhone can be done via the use of a VPN (virtual private network). The VPN can be either a third party software, like the NordVPN or an iPhone’s personal VPN. The method you choose depends on preference. Third party VPNs always cost money whereas the iPhone VPN is free. To use an iPhone’s VPN, you must follow these steps:

  • Open settings on your phone and open VPN. Open VPN Configuration.
  • Select PPTP tab and add following details:
  • Description: WebSiteVPN.COM
    Server: OR
    RSA SecurID: OFF
    Password: freevpn
    Encryption level: Auto
    Send All traffic: ON
  • Save and turn the VPN button on. Then open your browser and open any website. After having been led to a page that asks permission, hit “Agree” and enjoy.

Again, if you don’t want to get headache steps above. You better use vpn app instead. Yyou must be careful of some aspects that the software offers. These include:

  • Global Server Coverage.
  • An ideal VPN isn’t restricted to just a few countries. Therefore, global server coverage is key while assessing a VPN.
  • Privacy.
  • A perfect VPN keeps no log of your online history. It is vital to check the privacy rating of a VPN before you purchase it.
  • Connection Speeds
  • Third-party VPNs are often criticized for hogging most of the internet speed. A good VPN offers a fast, low-latency connection.

How to unblock Youtube on Android

However, most vpn providers provide free vpn app for you. You can connect to vpn with one tap.

How to unblock Youtube on Mac

Now I have vpn connection, what’s next?

Connect to any US or foreign vpn server. After successful connected. Go to youtube like you normally do. That’s it!