Getting banned from Omegle is more like a completely random action. In fact, some new users get banned barely two hours of registration. The question is why does omegle ban users? Most times, getting banned can be linked to the number of disconnects users have heard in the past or a noticeable number of unsuccessful matches. Another reason why a user could get banned is by violating any of the terms and conditions based on user agreements. For example, they do not support the playing of music while using omegle.  And in some rare occasions, a user may have maliciously reported another user.

Once banned, omegle’s system will take further action against your IP address and additional information to deprive you from using their site. This additional step is to ensure a solid stance of the banning process and discontinue you from using their site.

Error Connection To Server On Omegle? Is This a New Ban?

No, your country is just out of range. They don’t allow your country to join. So they show this kind error to you to bluff you.

​How To Unban Omegle using VPN

Simply put, what a VPN does is to connect your computer to a highly secured server using an encrypted connection. The IP address banned by omegle is masked with a different IP address, resulting in an Omegle unbans. With the VPN encryption, your Omegle TV communications and download becomes invisible to everyone.

Best VPN Services to Get Unbanned from Omegle

What’s important is selecting the best VPN service that can optimally unmask your identity from the pesky omega ban. The best VPN services will perfectly circumnavigate the processes of getting unbanned from omegle. There are boatloads of options available but we will check out three of the best VPN service to unban from omegle.

RankProviderPrice/MonthGo To Website
NordVPN Review
PureVPN Website
Expressvpn Review
Vyprvpn Review
PIA Review


Omegle remains an amazing way to meet people from all walks of life. Unfortunately, they pose a high potential hazard when it comes to internet security. By connecting with a proxy VPN server, you can:

  • Protect your personal info
  • Hide your geographical location
  • Access restricted content