There are many instances when you would want to know how to watch TV 2 Sumo outside Norway. You could either be travelling or maybe you are from Norway and you have migrated to another country. TV 2 Sumo has great tv shows and movies, so it’s natural you don’t want to miss them. Here’s a guide on how you can watch TV 2 Sumo even when you’re not in Norway. The best way to access it outside Norway is using vpn and connect to Norway vpn server.

What is TV 2 Sumo

TV 2 Sumo is a product of the Norway TV 2 Group; a streaming service founded more than fifteen years ago as a test product with a different name. It was later released to the general in 2005. The streaming plays a wide variety of movies, sports and tv shows of different genres. Also, exclusive programs are aired for the streaming service. The unique thing about is that users could download content to view without an internet connection by the year 2016. As a result, Tv 2 Sumo gained numerous subscribers.

Top-Rated Shows to Watch in TV2 Sumo

The following are among the top-rated shows that you should check out on TV 2 Sumo:

modern family

Modern family – Three related but different families face and conquer tribulations and trials in their funny way. As suggested by the name of the show, the family is a mirror of today’s modern families with comic-based episodes.

Fjord Cowboys – The shows feature two dynamite buddies residing on the displays of the spectacular Hardanger Fjord. The two are tough entrepreneurs who do fear any authority and play only by their own rules.

Kingdom – The show revolves around a discharged MMA fighter striving to strike a balance between uniting his family and running his martial arts gym.

Fargo –  A series of deception, intrigue and murder cases in Minnesota that in one way or another lead back to Fargo.

Parks and Recreation – An American political comedy show about the antics of Indiana town officials as they struggle to go after various projects to better the town

Vikings –  Vikings age is brought to life via the life journey of Ragnar Lothbrok as the first Viking to emerge. He is celebrated in the history of the Vikings as a man on the power of a myth.

Bridge –  When a female body is found on the bridge between Sweden and Denmark, right at the border, Danish inspector Rohde and Swedish Saga have to share authority and work closely to discover the murderer.

Peaky Blinders – The show is about a criminal gang and a reckless boss Tommy. Tommy is ambitious but has to face resistance from rival groups and government authorities.

Wentworth – A drama series that explains how prison is like and the challenges faced by inmates. Bea Smith is locked up for the first and has to learn how to survive in prison.

Mr Robot – The TV show follows the life of Elliot, a computer programmer who works as a cybersecurity during the day and a computer hacker at night.

Ash vs Evil Dead – Having spent close to thirty years avoiding responsibility and evil terror, Ash is the only hope to save humanity from a Deadite destruction threat.

Why You Can’t Watch TV2 Sumo Outside Norway

Geo-blocking is a common aspect of the media industry whereby companies put a restriction on their content to specific locations.  Such is as a result of licensing, agreements and royalties. Getting the licenses and signing agreements especially for small companies is costly resulting in such companies sticking to the home-based markets without going broke.

How to Watch Tv2 Sumo Outside Norway

Since the geo-block does not allow one to watch TV 2 Sumo outside Norway, the best way is to change your IP address to Norwegian ip by using of a VPN. A VPN allows you to connect to a Norwegian server and thus obtain a Norwegian IP address. Also, the VPN will protect you from online threats. ExpressVPN, NordVPN and Hidemyass are ideal choices in such a case since have fast VPN servers in Norway. Moreover, ExpressVPN offers assistance at all times just in case assistance is needed.

List of the Best VPN to watch TV 2 Sumo outside Norway

RankProviderPrice/MonthGo To Website
1 $2.99
2 $2.25

How to Choose a VPN for Watching TV2 Sumo

The primary factor to consider when choosing a VPN to watch TV 2 Sumo is the VPN providers you choose having a server in Norway. Therefore, the server list in the VPN has to have Norway since as a user you will have to connect first to gain access.  Also, you might your other VPN needs such as online security and your preferences. If you want to watch TV2 Sumo on mobile phone, make sure VPN provider you choose has apps support. So you can easily make a VPN connection without hassling on setting up.