Onion sites end with .onion and they work by designating an unidentified concealed service accessible through the Tor network. The sites are also part of the deep web that is an invisible part of the web that cannot be visible to search engines and other users. The sites have numerous websites for individuals who love surf anonymously online. The onion sites are created to assist users in different countries where access of internet might be monitored or censored. The moment you connect to Tor, your internet activity passes via the Tor network to anonymize your browsing activities so that it cannot be viewed. Additionally, the site helps you to access various websites that might be restricted in your country.

How to Access Onion sites

Bear in mind that the .onion sites are only accessed via Tor and for you to get started; you must install the Tor software on your PC. The simplest way to make good use of Tor is to make sure you download and install the Tor browser bundle. This comprises a modified version of Firefox browser with Tor and other settings that are already configured. Once you download the Tor browser bundle, extract it by running the .exe file on your PC and then double-click the start Tor Browser.exe file in the folder you extracted. Once connected, Tor will automatically launch its incorporated browser.

Bear in mind that Tor will not introduce you to .onion websites the moment you begin using it rather it offers an encrypted means to access the normal web. To start using these sites, you need to know they exist and know where they are located. You can try to use the Core.onion that is situated at eqt5g4fuenphqinx.onion and note that you will require a browser that is Tor enabled when accessing these links.

The Tor directory link is designed to redirect you to a directory of .onion websites that you can visit by category or search.

How to Access Onion Sites on Android Devices

The authorized approach to open the tor network with Orbot and Firefox for Android devices is somehow complicated as it needs two distinct application to work and in case one of the apps is at fault, your network will not be protected. Therefore, for you to overcome this problem, you can use Fire.Onion Tor browser for Android that comes with an inbuilt-tor connection maker and browser. This helps you to do all the work in one application.

Once you are done downloading and installing the application, launch it. It will automatically get connected to Tor network the moment you launch it. You will need to wait for some time as it gets connected. Immediately it gets connected, it will automatically give you access to the DUCK DUCK Go online search provider’s .onion site.

Once you are through with this process, you will have access to all .onion and secret websites and also bypass censorship while using Tor network though Fire.onion Browser on Android. Note that this is the most secure and simplest approach you can use to access onion sites on android voices.