Why I can’t Access Pandora.com here?

Unfortunately, Pandora isn’t available in every country. This is due to royalties and advertising/marketing policies that can affect musicians and music labels. Some users were desperate to use the service, however, and where there is a will, there is a way.

How to Unblock Pandora Website


To unblock Pandora, you’ll need a VPN (virtual private network). Using a VPN will mask your IP, which makes you anonymous, but more importantly giving the illusion that you’re in the USA. VPNs work by having your network connection link with the VPN provider’s servers. Once linked, the provider’s internet takes all requests your connections send, masking any trace of your real IP.

Best VPN to Unblock Pandora

We recommend three different VPNs for unblocking Pandora, those being Express VPN, PureVPN, and NordVPN.

RankProviderPrice/MonthGo To Website
NordVPN Review
PureVPN Website
Expressvpn Review
Vyprvpn Review
PIA Review

How to Unblock Pandora on PC

To unlock Pandora on your PC, follow the instructions given to you by your VPN provider closely to ensure strong and stable VPN connectivity. Use the recommended software and required login details to connect, then restart your browser and go to pandora.com to start using Pandora outside the USA.

​How to Unblock Pandora on Android/iPhone/iPad

Just as with PC instructions, you’re going to need to download vpn app by your provider. Sometimes PC VPN providers will use a standard, common program to offer their VPN service. However, some have exclusive apps which can be found on the Google Play or Apple iTunes store. Then connect to any US server and open pandora app

Now you should be able to listen to pandora just fine.


Hopefully this has left you with access music to Pandora outside of the United States of America. The 5 VPNs mentioned above are sure to help guide you through the process and ensure a safe and strong network connection for all your music streaming needs. Enjoy, and choose your VPN provider wisely.