Note that a 60-year-old man residing in Europe, a 30-year-old lady staying in Africa and a 20-year-old girl in Asia share one thing. The thing is every person is an active Facebook user. With the help of improvement in communication, particularly in the telecommunication sector, the world populace has been experiencing a tremendous shift of communication behaviors. Note that Facebook has played an integral role in this transformation by linking millions of users all over the world.

Here are some of the reasons Facebook has become so popular:

A convenient means of communication

In the current world, all you need to communicate with a person in a different region is to grab your smartphone and log in to your Facebook account. Facebook is one of the platforms that have managed to link millions of people from across the globe and literally offer them the power to share ideas in the palm of their hands.

Entertaining, informative and personal

Facebook has gained tremendous popularity since it strives to conglomerate two aspects of common web surfing with an interactive component. In this era, Facebook offers some informative content designed to cover global, national and local issues while at the same time entertaining its users with video games, memes, and other apps. Additionally, the majority of people tend to get some of the most important news via Facebook.

Countries Where Facebook is blocked

Some countries have blocked the access of social media networking sites like Facebook. These countries include Bangladesh, China, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Cuba, and Egypt.

Why is Facebook Banned in Some Countries?


By now, it is evident that the China government is devoted to censorship. Apart from hiring millions of individuals to expurgate social media, the government has an anthem that is dedicated to online media censorship. For so many years now, Facebook has been intending to create a strong presence in China, which its founder Mark Zuckerberg making attempts to chip away at the resistance of the government. China blocked the access of Facebook and twitter in 2009 when people tried to use the social media platforms to plan for protests that escalated to riots. However, you can access Facebook in a specific location in the town of Shanghai, and Hong Kong which essentially has its own government.


The social media ban in Bangladesh comprises more than Facebook and twitter. The government blocked the internet access in 2015. This was caused by a decision by the Supreme Court to uphold the death sentence of two people who were convicted of war crimes. After some hours, the government unblocked the internet but social media networks such as Facebook and WhatsApp remained under censorship.


The government decided to block Facebook, twitter, and YouTube in 2009 when its citizens used Twitter to plan protests to dispute the presidential elections that had taken place. The government claimed that it will proceed to what it termed as smart filtering, which included blocking content on various sites without banning access completely.

North Korea

This country socially banned the use of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in April. In North Korea, just a few people have the capabilities to access the internet, and rather they are able to use the government-sanctioned internet.

How to Unblock Facebook Using a VPN

Since the internet is a vast place, encountering numerous workarounds is just normal. Almost any kind of website block and censorship wall can be unblocked using free or inexpensive software tailored to secure the privacy of the user online. In case you are unable to log into Facebook, all you need to do is use a VPN then connect to other countries which Facebook is available and within minutes you are in.

In most cases, the moment you type in a site, that data is paired with your IP address and directed to a local service provider. The ISP directs this request out, receives the information and the returns to your PC and displays the site. While this process is quick and efficient, it has one major drawback, which is all the transmitted information is sent in a raw format. Note that this makes your data vulnerable to risk.

Using an active VPN will help you to avoid encountering such problem. A VPN is designed to work like a tunnel between your PC or smartphone and the internet. The moment you type in a site, the VPN software on your device encrypts the data and pairs it with an IP address that is not linked with your service provider. The encrypted information is transmitted via your ISP to the servers of the VPN where it is encrypted to the destination, back to the VPN’s servers where it is encrypted again and finally back via your ISP to your local PC/ smartphone where it is decrypted and displayed. While this appears to be many steps for a simple site, the encryption and variability of the location make for unexpected private transactions.

The primary factor in a VPN letting you access blocked content is the encryption. With the help of an active VPN, your traffic is unreadable by any person or by PC, and your location is by no means linked with your online activities. This makes it easy to access blocked content or unblock social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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How to Unblock Facebook Using a Proxy

Proxy sites are the excellent solution you can use to access those blocked social networking sites such as Facebook. All you have to do is setting up proxy on your browser or internet connection (Try USA proxy or any other countries where facebook is available). Note that there are numerous paid sites that allow you to access censored sites using a proxy. Nevertheless, you can decide to use the free third-party proxy sites to access Facebook. However, you need to be careful since there might be a breach of security of stealing your Facebook details when you use a free proxy site. Alternatively, you can avoid using the third party proxy website by creating your own proxy site with the help of google app engine to access censored Facebook. The benefits of using your own proxy website include fewer possibilities of getting censored since it comes with a unique id and It is a trusted site since it is your own.