We love our freedom and privacy. It’s a fact that we all agree with and there’s no point debating it. In the age of Internet, however, people face new challenges that are specific to the web. While it is true that some percentage of users wouldn’t care about their private info being accessed by third parties (there are a lot of articles about How NSA tracks computers), there’s a good portion of individuals and business entities who seek secure and safe internet.

Phantom Menace

Most of us use the Internet on a daily basis without suspecting that our browser history or Facebook chat correspondence might be tapped the government or say a random hacker who knows about everything we do on-line. It is a scary thought and forces us to reconsider every aspect of our Internet lives.

There are few things to start with:

· Ensure your Operating System is protected from viruses, malware and phishing scams

· Enable or Install a Firewall program and deny all ingoing and outgoing traffic (with the exception of certain gates for certain programs and activities so that you can access the Internet)

· Use strong passwords (alphanumerical characters with uppercase and lowercase letters)

· Update your software as new stable versions roll out

Revenge of the Suits

All of the above steps would surely assist a lot with preventing a hacker’s attack and phishing schemes. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that Big Brother’s not watching you while you take all of those security measures and desperately try to preserve your privacy. There is a number of cases exposed to masses which reveal the real deal including documents leaked by Edward Snowden.

There is, however, a way to make ‘Big Brother’ think you’re in a Galaxy far far away or simply make your location anonymous using a Proxy server. It also works great when you need to access a service banned in your country. Proxy, however, does not hide or encrypt what you do on-line (your browser and download history for example).

To make sure you’ve got that covered as well, you should use a VPN to encrypt all of your internet traffic.

Best VPN To Avoid NSA Tracking

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