What is PHP proxy?

PHP proxy script is one of the many forms of proxies’ languages available to users who seek to ensure their privacy when searching the internet. There are many web based and software programs that can be researched, verifies and used to help reduce the open risk of internet crimes.
Some people choose to leave off the idea of using proxies that they don’t create themselves. Creating your own proxy requires some know how but it guarantees that your identity is safe from any interception, sniffing or data collecting.

How to build a PHP proxy

To build your own proxy you should find a PHP proxy pack to use and download. Search the internet for a PHP proxy, download it and unpack it onto one of your drives on your computer or laptop. This PHP proxy contains a script that you can upload to any web space that you own on the internet. As an added measurement of quick access, you should change the file name of the PHP proxy you unpacked to a name that does not use the word ‘proxy’. Some servers specifically filter out any requests with the word ‘proxy’ in it.

When editing PHP proxy or any other script the process is still the same. This is easily done in any simple text editor program. The script, or text, can be daunting to look at. There are several specific things you should concentrate on finding and changing. All the following had to be customized: title tag, meta description tag, meta keywords tag, site description tag, layout title tag, your site URL tag and the Ad Sense identification number located at the very bottom of the script

Customize your PHP Proxy

When customizing your PHP proxy settings, you can even use your client’s IP address. Doing this gives your client exclusive access. In this case, only your client will be able to connect. You can also research how to implement an .htaccess file. If you used an .htaccess file in your directory whenever the script is initialized it will prompt the user for a username and password. Information about .htaccess is available on the internet.

What is a Glype?

Glype is a popular PHP proxy script. It has its own forum dedicated to the users of the script. The forum features plug ins and other vital information to those who use Glype as a PHP proxy script.
No matter what your needs are for Proxy use, it’s becoming more and more important to ensure the security of proxies. You may have to do that by building your own using PHP proxy script.