Today, HideMyAss has grown to be the among the best VPN service provider worldwide. It is not only a fast VPN service with more than ten million subscribers around the world but also has more than eighty employees in the London headquarters office. Moreover, the company’s services are available in more than 190 countries and more than nine hundred VPN servers positioned across 300 server sites worldwide. HideMyAss is not only reliable but has a somewhat unique and user-friendly interface.

Start from $2.99/month
– Servers in 190+ countries
– Free trial available with 30-day money-back guarantee
– 5 simulateous connections
– Support multiple platforms with easy to use vpn software
– Support all vpn protocols
– Not support illegal p2p

What is HideMyAss?

As a famous VPN provider in the market, HideMyAss is also known as the VPN donkey. The company greatly owes its massive success to the fact that it is one of the oldest VPN services in the industry. HideMyAss was started in the year 2005 by its CEO and founder, Jack Cator. As an internet enthusiast, Jack started the company as a result of his passion for internet censorship.  Jack Cator, therefore, made a free proxy for unblocking websites in his school at the age of sixteen. This happened when one of Cator’s classmates complained about internet limitations. Over time, his passion grew even stronger resulting in him wanting to help people worldwide escape internet censorship; he, therefore, started HideMyAss.

What does HideMyAss Do?

hidemyass vpn features

Just like any other VPN service, HideMyAss makes sure that all the online activities of the user remain anonymous since the service operates like post office box. As a result, the data sent or received can never be traced back to the user.  Instead, the sites you visit as a user see the IP address of the VPN company, instead of your IP address hence keeping all your online activities private and anonymous.

With HideMyAss, a user’s online activity and browsing data are appropriately managed through encryption protocols that mask information from snoopers and hackers. Moreover, with the VPN service, users can access blocked sites as a result of geographical restrictions or other reasons.  Such is possible since the service allows users to receive and send data directly to one of the company’s servers hence evading limitations set on localities. Below are some of the problems that HideMyAss solves.

Accessing tv show from all countries.

We all agree that internet censorship is quite annoying. The good news is that HideMyAss helps you evade such censorship and restrictions from any part of the world. Such include accessing your favorite tv show on Netflix, enjoying unlimited social media sites like Facebook or YouTube even when you are not in your home country.

Evade hackers

Networks and gadgets are vulnerable to hackers at all times especially when connected to public Wi-Fi such as in cafes and airports. With HideMyAss VPN, as a user, you are well protected from hackers whose aim is to forcefully and illegally access your personal information such as credit card information, passwords and bank account details among others.

Preserve online privacy

If one of your primary concerns is online privacy, HideMyAss VPN is the service to go for. You are not only able to hide your location and personal information while browsing but also browse anonymously. The VPN service substitutes the user’s IP address with one of their 120, 000 addresses. As a result, your data is well protected from any snooping activities by keeping your identity anonymous as you browse.

HideMyAss Plans and Pricing

To take care of the needs of different users, HideMyAss has various pricing plans at different prices. The significant difference between them is the features, with the cheapest having the least but essential elements and the costlier ones having extra features. However, all the subscriptions have more than 720 servers that are available in more than 190 nations, five concurrent connections and support OpenVPN, PPTP, and Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol.

Although the thirty-day cash back guarantee is available for all subscriptions, the same comes with severe restrictions. It is therefore essential to note that a user cannot exceed a bandwidth of 10GB. Also, the money-back guarantee does not cover purchases completed through iTunes or Google Play. Many users fail to note such limitations and end up being disappointed when they fail to secure a refund. Moreover, subscriptions automatic renewal is also enabled by default but can be manually altered online through the control panel on the account.

To accommodate all users, HideMyAss accepts different forms of payment such as debit or credit cards, iDeal, PayPal, bank or wire transfer, UnionPay as well as Sofort banking. The company, however, does not accept payment by Bitcoin since it is not the very best when it comes to privacy like the type employed in Bitcoin mining.

HideMyAss Privacy and Performance


hidemyass features

Going through the somewhat too detailed policies and conditions pages of HideMyAss can be a daunting task; however, the detailed pages have some interesting facts. When a user opens a new account with this VPN service, the company takes the user’s IP address and keeps it up to two years even after closing an account. Such is not the case with most VPN services which only retain the user email only.   Moreover, HideMyAss keeps some payment details as well as user communication with support for the same period.  And although the company does not hold a log of the user’s online activities, it logs the user’s IP address when they start a VPN session as well as that of the server for about three months.  Such logs on sessions do not affect if a user is just doing normal browsing such as online shopping. However, for users who download torrents, their IP addresses might be investigated since the address can be traced back to them.


The signing up process for HideMyAss is pretty easy just like other VPN services. There is location list available for Windows client where users can select their preferred servers either by city or country. The interface has a search box to ease of access as well as favorites system for quick access. HideMyAss automatically uses a server that has the lowest load in any location by default; however, users can alter such.

Although the system is quite straight forward to use, the control or configurability does not offer much. Additionally, users have an opportunity to specify the protocol they want to use, be either OpenVPN, or the kill switch in protecting their identity when the virtual private network is interrupted. The kill switch feature is however not usual since it blocks network access from some certain systems, unlike other VPNs that block the whole system.

The chief server and its tools are easy to use since it can be controlled simply even when a user is in a hurry.  By simply right-clicking the app icon and choosing connect, a user easily gets connected to their last location and they receive an option for an IP address change before reconnecting to the present server. Consequently, a disconnect option is available to end the connection when the user is done.

The download speeds are also excellent though they slightly vary in different locations. Servers near the UK tend to have higher speeds in comparison to servers in long-distance locations such as Singapore and Japan. To keep the identity of the users concealed at all times, HideMyAss has a blocking DNS as well as WebRTC to prevent data leaking.

HideMyAss Compatible Devices

Before making a purchase, users should make a point of checking whether their devices are compatible with HideMyAss. In simple terms, any portable device that is compatible with OpenVPN, L2TP or PPTP protocols will operate with HideMyAss VPN service. Below are some of the fit devices;

  • Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
  • Linux OS
  • Mac OSX for Leopard, Snow Leopard, Tiger, and Lion, Mountain Lion
  • Routers
  • Chrome OS
  • Selected routers such as Netgear and Asus

Connecting HideMyAss on the above devices vary from one gadget to the other; however, users can always find a detailed guide as well as well explained tutorials to help with the same.

HideMyAss Features

HideMyAss VPN continuously updates their mobile and desktop applications to take care of the increasing user needs. The latest version has a different interphase with extra features that make the service even more comfortable to use since you just select and connect to the VPN. The application is uniquely designed to take care of the needs of all users including one with little or no technical knowledge at all. The following are some of the outstanding features by HideMyAss;

Instant mode

The instant mode on HideMyAss version three is a security setting feature that allows users to securely connect to the server by just a button swipe. Moreover, the application conveniently tests the connection speeds available and the adjacent servers and then goes on to connect to the fastest one. Instant mode is particularly ideal for use at home or when on a public Wi-Fi.  As long as you only want to have secure browsing, tap the one button process and you are good to go.

Location mode

For users who want more than just safe browsing from home, location mode is the feature to invest in. Location mode is an ideal choice for people who wish to unblock geo-restrictions especially when travelling out of their home countries. And though most streaming services such as Netflix are closing in on VPN access from out of the state, many minor websites’ geo-restrictions can be easily evaded with a virtual private network service such as HideMyAss.

Freedom mode

Freedom mode is a progressive mode whose primary purpose is to take care of the needs of people, the likes of journalists working in censorship regions. The handy method gives such users an opportunity to connect to the fastest and most efficient available VPN server in a nearby safe and free -speech country as identified and commended by HideMyAss.

Safe OpenVPN encryption

OpenVPN is an open source software which implements different VPN techniques that are responsible for creating secure point-to-point networks for either bridged, routed or remotely accessed conveniences. OpenVPN employs a specific secure protocol which is a combination of TSL ad SSL in exchanging keys. As a result, the authentication is done adequately via a certificate, a secret key as well as a unique password and username. HideMyAss VPN uses OpenVPN for extreme forward online privacy.

Server strength and locations

hidemyass locations

Server strength is one of the major selling point of HideMyAss VPN that keeps the company at a competitive advantage.  Moreover, the VPN service provider has more than 890 servers that are well distributed across over three hundred locations in more than 190 countries around the world. As a result, HideMyAss has the ability to make as many as 121060 own IP addresses and more for their esteemed users. Most of the servers are located in the US, precisely more than three hundred. The second largest concentration of HideMyAss servers are found in European nations followed by server sums in the UK area and Canadian regions. Africa, Asia, and Central America have the least server counts. Moreover, all HideMyAss servers in all location have L2TO, PPTP and OpenVPN security protocols making the service even more secure for all users.

Five simultaneous connections

Unlike other VPN services that offer a limit of one or two devices to use at the same time when connected, HideMyAss offers five synchronous devices connections.

HideMyAss Speed and Reliability

While many VPN companies tend to display inaccurate speeds on their websites, HMA doesn’t make any particular speed claims.  The download speeds are just lesser megabits in comparison to the baseline speed in most locations. Uploads speeds are a bit improved though they are sometimes half slower.  The speeds are however consistent, which is a good thing.

What Makes HideMyAss Special?

HMA has the most substantial number of servers around the world, specifically more than 890 servers that are well distributed across over three hundred locations in more than 190 countries around the world. Server strength and place is one of the key selling points of HideMyAss VPN that preserves the company at a competitive advantage. Therefore, if you are looking for a VPN with the broadest reasonable range of topographical endpoints, HideMyAss is the unsurpassed VPN provider to choose. Also, HideMyAss is a client intensive VPN service.

Can I watch US Netflix with HideMyAss?

Yes, you can watch US Netflix since recently, HMA added a new server precisely meant for unblocking Netflix. Although the speeds are not as high, the unblocking feature works well both on the Netflix’s application on IOS and Android and the desktop browser. Since the settings on the device vary, users are advised to contact customer support to know which server to use for troubleshooting purposes. The same server that unblocks Netflix US also does the same for Hulu. Follow the following procedure whenever you want to watch Netflix Us with HideMyAss;

  • If you are a new user, register and pay for a package from the HMA website, otherwise log in to the HMA client as an existing user
  • Click on the country selection
  • Choose the server USA LOC 1
  • Go to the dashboard
  • Click on the connect to VPN option
  • Log in to your existing Netflix account and enjoy your favorite shows.

The above simple steps are the easiest way to unblock and watch Netflix US with HMA. The new version three of HideMyAss makes it much easier for the above process thanks to the smooth and intuitive client.

HideMyAss Pros and Cons

A few niggling issues are common in any VPN service, and HMA is no exception. Below are some of the disadvantages of using HideMyAss VPN service;

  • Disconnection without notice which is annoying
  • More expensive in caparison to close competitors
  • Limited simultaneous connections
  • Renown privacy concerns
  • Server overload and low speeds on faraway servers

Since there are two sides to a coin, below are some of the numerous advantages of using HMA virtual private network;

  • Numerous server counts in almost every country around the world
  • Easy to use since the interface is straightforward
  • Reasonable speed test outcomes
  • Excellent customer service support
  • Free web proxies for unidentified browsing
  • Allows Bit Torrent downloads

HideMyAss is extraordinarily simple to utilize, has a fantastic interface, and is ideal for all gadgets. This Hide My Ass VPN survey found that it has a superior speed score when contrasted with some VPN suppliers. While it has its deficiencies, it ends up being an excellent alternative for all clients.