When you want to share content online with other people, you realize that torrenting is a very good option. Not only can you share just about any type of file, but you can easily use the best VPN for torrenting to avoid being tracked by your ISP or the government. As a result, torrenting can be a foolproof way to share files and get access to all the content you want. That is, if you take the right precautions.

You have to realize that torrenting is a bit dangerous, as more and more countries are banning torrent websites and many of the major sites are coming down due to copyright infringements. Which is understandable, because most of the content that you can find on these sites is copyrighted, so you want to avoid breaching any copyright law if you can.

What you should do is to use the vpn to torrent, because this will allow you to avoid tracking. Even if the government or your ISP will try to track you and see if you are torrenting, they will not be able to see anything. The reason is simple, VPNs will provide you with a new IP and the ISP as well as the government will just see you as someone from another country. Basically, you can browse and even download torrents anonymously, and you don’t even have to worry about any problems that may appear.

How can you torrent safely?

The idea here is to use a good VPN solution that’s very easy to customize and which offers you all the information that you may need in no time. Knowing what to invest in is a huge opportunity, and the focus here is on using the best safety measures. What you want to know here is how to use the right means to torrent safely, and that means installing a VPN and connecting to a remote location.

A VPN can also provide you with an IP address from your country if you want, but you obviously need to make sure that you are undetectable when you use torrents. After all, you don’t want to show that you are performing an illegal activity because that can end up bringing you a lot of trouble in the long term. It’s a very good idea to install the VPN and use it whenever you want to download any file via torrents.

As you can imagine, VPN solutions can also be used outside of torrenting. If you want to visit any site in the world and you want to get over any geographical or copyright limitations, you can do that with a VPN. In fact, lots of people use VPNs to access Netflix or Spotify in their own country even if normally the service is not accessible.

​5 Best VPN For Torrenting

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PIA Review

How to choose VPN for torrenting?

Picking the torrent is not that hard. You first need to make sure that there is no bandwidth limit. Usually, some VPN solutions will come with a specific limitation, and that can be problematic if you want to download as much as you can from the torrent websites.

If you can find a solution that works great and which doesn’t have a download limit, then you are more than ok. However, you also have to focus on finding the best download speeds as well. Some VPN solutions are pretty slow, so this can make the wait even longer when you want to download a torrent very fast. A good balance between bandwidth limits and speeds is what you want to focus on when you try to find the VPN.

Also, you want to make sure that you try out the VPN solution before you spend any money on it. This is easy to understand why because investing money in a VPN without testing it can be a gamble. So, being able to try out that solution and seeing whether it works or not can be an advantage. These are all the things to focus on when you want to pick a VPN solely for torrenting purposes!

How to check and test that VPN is working?

First, you need to get the trial version and install it. The VPN installations are usually painless, and they will end up being completed in just a few minutes. One thing to note in here is that it can take a bit of time for you to customize and configure the VPN, especially if you use a proxy. But usually, most VPN solutions and even the company will come preconfigured.

So, you just install the solution, and you run it with the settings delivered out of the box. Pick a server that’s outside your country but pretty close to it to test the download speeds. Then you can switch servers to see if they all deliver the best download speeds.

At this time, you will also need to open up torrents and focus on testing the torrent download speeds too. Usually, the entire process can be very simple and intuitive. Write down the overall speed in a document, then compared the various solutions to see which one delivers the best speed overall.


Finding the server is all about convenience and pricing at the end of the day. Plus, the features and potential limitations can also lead you towards a specific solution. Try to put all these ideas in balance and identify what VPN tool works the best for you. Testing each VPN software for torrenting is a very good idea, as this is the only true way to obtain incredible results in no time. You have to be very committed to your success and once you do that you will find that nothing is impossible. Try to make sure that you give as many VPN tools a shot, because you may never know which is the best service in your situation!