We have completed a BTGuard Review paying little regard to how they are a liberally all the more unassuming VPN supplier. They have to a brilliant degree wonderful security at any rate with the target that impacted us to give them a more central look. Made in 2008, BTGuard is an outstanding VPN pro focus sketched out in Toronto, Canada. The connection has centered its run quality in joining appropriated makes on the web, into its extraordinary wrinkle. Having a figure of speech “Cloud BitTorrent Services,” BTGuard, everything considered, turns the necessities of BitTorrent clients who respect having included report sharing and reject being extremely disturbed for copyright issues.

  • Start from $9.95/month
  • Great For Bittorent
  • Proxy and VPN Available
  • Accept Bitcoin
  • Servers in Canada, Netherlands and Singapore
  • OpenVPN and PPTP Protocol
  • No Logs policy
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

BTGuard may show up, irrefutably, to be a get-together of BitTorrent Guard which at any rate isn’t great ‘ol molded as no VPN supplier would turn just around one site. BTGuard surrenders tied down and secure web access to its clients, consequently ensuring the individual character and insecure individual data on the web.

BTGuard Highlights

BTGuard indicates wonderful identicalness, as proposed in the past region of this BTGuard survey. It other than offers solid encryption and extraordinary pace. Regrettably, it doesn’t offer you the likelihood to utilize the thing on more contraptions as quick as time licenses, which is to some degree puzzling.

The nonattendance of its own radiant customer can in like be viewed as a basic inadequacy – neighboring in case you couldn’t consider getting to any extra highlights. It is obviously simple to utilize, which is moving news for all first-time clients and adolescents.

On the off chance that you settle on the PPTP custom, you can spare yourself the issue if your affiliation breaks with VPN Lifeguard. You can download it straight from the BTGuard site page and structure it in a few essential strolls around following the setup rules. VPN Lifeguard typically endeavors to reconnect on the off chance that your union breaks.

It’s proposed that BTGuard strengthens P2P, as it was made to associate with you to utilize storms abnormally. With incomprehensible speed and no propel throttling, you can download as much as you wish, with no cutoff centers using all strategies.

With BTGuard, there are no weights concerning the absence of definition. You are ensured with solid encryption, no logs approach, and the likelihood to make detaches utilizing BitCoin.

BTGuard Free Trial

Amidst our BTGuard Review, we found that they shockingly don’t offer a free key to its clients. In like way, in the event that you wish to utilize BTGuard’s BitTorrent Proxy or VPN, you’ll need to pay for it. Moreover, there isn’t the most humble piece like cash back claim too with BTGuard programming.

The best framework to Set Up BTGuard

BTGuard has a single tick establishment process, yet you can do it physically since it works in all BitTorrent customers that help SOCKS5 Proxy — not those that are essentially kept up by BTGuard’s installer. It will in like way give you a sharp thought of what BTGuard unequivocally does, so in the event that you happen to keep running into issues, you will have an unrivaled vulnerability of how than settle it.

Stage One: Create a record

We began our study by making a record of BTGuard.com.

There are two packs open. You can either download Bit storm center individual VPN a great bundle for downpour masses at a cost of $6.95. The other choice is the VPN download to screen security at a cost of $ 9.95 dependably.

On clicking ”oblige,” we were required to buy in either Bittorent delegate or VPN.

BTGuard underpins a substitute putting away of part structures. You can utilize Credit card/check card, PayPal what’s more Bitcoin.

We picked to pay through PayPal.

Stage Two: Configure Your Client

The running with make is to open up your favored tornado customer, either VPN or Bittorent Proxy advantage. A short-range period later, download and demonstrate the customer for your working structure. After establishment, you’ll approach a sensible and direct interface that is evidently not difficult to utilize.

BTGuard does not have its own specific balanced VPN customer; rather, it depends upon OpenVPN programming, which is utilized by its clients. Downloading and indicating OpenVPN isn’t troublesome as it is cleared up by the supplier, particularly dealt with. In any case, clients would require an unrivaled VPN customer as denied than an open source, in the setting of its remarkable month to month costs, $9.95.

Furthermore, what’s the segment between a center individual and VPN?

Proxy and VPN may offer evident close positive conditions. They both give an association burrow between your PC and untouchable servers with discretionary encryption. Suitably when joined with the zero-logging approach, they can both be odd.

One epic disease quality is that a Proxy routinely stays a couple of individual exercises, customs, and applications while a VPN will make your whole web organization confounding.

BTGuard Proxy for example just courses BitTorrent advancement through secure surprising go-between advantage, while your other whole undertakings, for example, web program will basically utilize your standard web intrigue.

Really, this relies on your propensity. Go for what you feel will work best for you!

To guarantee it’s working, you can go to whatismyipaddress.com. This site can show to you your IP address, and twofold check it to the IP of your customer, which will show whether the BTGuard is working truly. Starting there, come back to your program and tap on the Refresh get under “Check IP” tab. In the event that it is the same as the program IP — then your inside individual isn’t working, and you’ll need to twofold check by a wide edge a considerable piece of the beginning in the no so removed past said settings. In the event that it displays a substitute IP, from another nation like Canada or Germany, by then BTGuard keeping PC programs is suitably burrowing all your change.

In the event that you require additional security, you’ll need to encode all the advance. Most customers have the part worked in. For example, go to Preferences > BitTorrent and yield for the bit of “Custom Encryption”. For the dynamic alliance together, change it to Forced encryption, and uncheck the case presented “Permit pushing toward inheritance affiliations”. Beginning there, you’ll be readied

In the event that your customer does not strengthen encryption, BTGuard offers an encryption advantage. All around go to the Encryption page and download the thing, by then present it.


While playing out our BTGuard overview we found that they get a high rank in security. As is generally done, they utilize 256-piece OpenVPN relationship for completely encoded looking to express that they don’t perform logging utilizing all structures. BTGuard offers end-to-end security for your enlightening, torrenting, VOIP and FTP sessions without trading off on your protection. The affiliation, in addition, gets your P2P and exploring sessions at Wi-Fi hotspots which are for the most part revealed against security encroachment.

BTGuard is especially solid and never uncovers clients data to untouchables. Some time back, in any case, there were gossipy treats against the security plan of the association, later it was shown that the bits of drivel was not huge.

A couple of years back, individuals guaranteed there were a couple of centering rash security hones with the alliance’s thing. Most felt that BTGuard set away clients’ passwords in plain substance records and in a couple of cases paying little identity to ask the reports to their clients.

It was later found that the connection just stores passwords, usernames and email addresses for its own specific reference. It has servers formed in a wide blend of zones worldwide to pull in clients to stay confusing while in the meantime utilizing BTGuard.


Under no obvious direct, BTGuard does not screen the web use or logs of the IP areas of the clients. The official word is that they don’t save any records “No records of use set away”.

The Privacy Policy record is inadequately formed with foggy permitting: “Starting at now or at the season of get-together single data, we will see the light behind which data is being totaled”/”We will accumulate [… ] particular data with the goal of satisfying those reasons showed up by us”.

BTGuard says that they’re set up on ensuring clients’ security. They have a prompt and strong structure concerning gathering information, talking with clients, and utilization of their data. Clients motivations driving interest aren’t revealed or sold to any unimportant untouchable territory and are essentially used to pass on news concerning their things and relationship to the thing clients.

Association Speed

If all else fails, speeds fall no lower than 70% of the best download speed subordinate upon the server specific. A touch of the most far away servers all around shows in like way decreases. Organization together is on an exceptionally fundamental level unfaltering in any case you may encounter times of lost affiliations. With all examined, there are stores of reports online about clients who experienced the unfaltering quality and speed issues.

Generally speaking, it’s fitting that you research planned lanes with respect to the association and pick. Shockingly, BTGuard offers no limitless request or time for testing, nor you can trust in their client tendency.


To the degree equality is concerned, the organization does not trade off on help for various workstation and work district working structures. BTGuard is flawless with Linux, Windows OS, and Mac OS X; it other than bolster Vuze, Utorrent, and BitTorrent.

  • PC
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple Mac OSX
  • Linux
  • Versatile
    Apple iOS (Manual Configuration, No application)
  • Android (Manual Configuration, No application)
  • Features
  • 256-piece AES encryption
  • Sees Bitcoin
  • No change or data logs set away
  • Servers regulated in Singapore, Netherlands, and Canada
  • Pre-directed Proxy for uTorrent customers
  • Wide closeness
  • VPN bonds PPTP and OpenVPN traditions
  • Unhindered rates and Unlimited downloads

Plans and Pricing

In a general sense, BTGuard has two graphs you can take a gander at.

BitTorrent Proxy: costs $6.95 tenaciously. In case you should need to pay for 3 months, it will cost you just $19.95, a half year course of action is open for $34.95, and a year for $59.95. This graph keeps running with current client setup to work with BitTorrent go between advantage. It doesn’t give a unified union, regardless of it covers your IP when you are downloading from a BitTorrent cloud. You can use this relationship in like course, with various clients, yet it requires you to plot them physically.

VPN: costs $9.95 dependably. This reasonability offers OpenVPN and PPTP. It’s a to some degree important affiliation together moved out of a few great providers, yet it performs essentially well. You can either pick multi-month for $9.95, 3 months for $27.95, or even a half year for $49,95, and a year for $89.95.

You can pay with Bitcoin or PayPal.

Customer Service

In the midst of our audit of BTGuard, we found that they set the bar the degree that customer oversee; for all the wrong reasons. BTGuard system for getting requests is a chief ticket structure done through email. An amazing measure of customers yowls that they get expelled when they enter requests. The favored ones to discover an answer are constantly demonstrated an FAQ which is unhelpful and convoluted. The customer advantage is particularly ill-disposed that most customers figure the alliance may be just a trap. Varying customers say that they aren’t paying little respect to get a confirmation message for their tickets. It impacts you to consider!


The positives for our BTGuard outline are that they offer an unlimited relationship for storm downloading and there is no logging approach. You can pick the approach that progressions with your necessities, pulling in you to guarantee that your good ‘old fashioned parts aren’t checked (VPN) or that you can cover your IP enough to get to downloading affiliations. One key concern is that their expenses are too high, especially considering that other delegate providers give you access to a wide blend of enunciation of zones and plans that offer complete security for less total. Going before picking the relationship as your favored virtuoso system, bear in BTGuard constrainments.

Besides the course by which that they in a general sense have servers in Canada, Singapore and Netherlands is a savage deficiency. This proposes you are especially obliged for various decisions to interface with and be more diminish which is especially crushing for those planning to use it close Tor to take a gander at the Darkweb.