When shopping for VPN, anonymity and privacy are the top priorities. VPNs can be slower than a local internet provider when paired with online gambling. Speed is a vital thing needed by online gamblers. Some local internet providers deliver fast internet connections. At times, they may compromise on security and privacy. The global server can simplify the availability of game servers that are geo-restricted in your country. The location of VPN variable can be used to snag gaming hours and increase the layer of security against DDoS attacks.

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an excellent system that gives you a chance to access the internet through a server that is operated by a VPN provider. The information in your tablet, phones, computer and the server, gets encrypted for security purposes. To access VPN service, you need to sign up and fill a contract. Your ISP is the one that provides internet connections. Therefore, VPN service does not replace the local internet service provider.

An excellent VPN for gaming allows you to access services that get denied due to your geographical location, offers privacy from the government and ISP and keeps hackers away when you are using a public Wi-Fi hotspot. Moreover, the services ensure safety when downloading P2P and enable you to prevent censorship at work, school, by the government and your ISP.

Reasons Why Gamers Need a VPN

A VPN improves the gaming experience. In the modern society, new games are released every year. An excellent VPN allows you to connect to a server in a different geographical location through a server in your region. This way, gamers can access the games as soon as they are released instead of waiting for weeks. When players travel to a different country, they have no choice but to use the local servers. However, using the best VPN for gaming allows gamers to maintain the connection of their country’s server when they travel to another country.

PlayStation Network Exclusive can get accessed by gamers in the country where the exclusive gets offered. It is possible by changing connection to the VPN server. However, players have to maintain a link to the server to play the games. VPN servers enable fast connection lessening the lag and ping times. A ping of 50 milliseconds is the duration it takes for a request to get answered on your computer from another machine. Your ping rate needs to be less than 1,000 to prevent network setbacks.

Hackers are known to exploit games when they find vulnerabilities. They can hijack game connection and gain access to personal information on your computer. VPNs provide encrypted connection to your server, making it difficult for anyone to access your account. ISPs use throttling to inspect data packets from online gaming. With the use of VPN, data packets are encrypted and cannot get checked. Throttling can therefore not slow down your connection.

How to Boost Your Internet Speed When Using VPN

internet speed

Virtual Private Network has made it easier to protect your personal information when browsing. Before optimizing your VPN service, you must check your internet speed on websites such as Speedtest. Reboot your computer, modem, and router before configuring any VPN issues as they may also need optimization. Knowing the location of the gaming server and choosing a VPN server that is geographically close to you reduces the distance the data travels.

VPN uses a procedure named encryption overhead by encrypting clients’ information and later unscrambling it. The process is useful as it adds additional data to the stream at the back of velocities. Specific VPN services have an option for VPN protocols. User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is more preferred than Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) as it has less overhead, limitations and a faster rate. Segregation of traffic is vital to avoid dragging down the execution of games.

Should You Use Free VPN When Gaming?

Internet privacy and security is not something that to take for granted. It is not a good idea for gamers to use free VPN even though they are becoming popular. Free VPNs can divert your connections or sell access to individuals who eager to pay for secret IP service. Majority of free VPNs allow users to get tracked across the internet making users responsible for activity on their connections. Paid VPNs do not keep logs to protect the privacy of the users, but free VPNs have no obligation, and your details can easily get passed to a third party.

Paid VPNs ensure that the connection remains constant with no connection dropouts or slower speeds. It is frustrating to try to stream or download content and suddenly the connections drop which is a significant issue with free VPNs. Security protocols are of utmost importance, paid VPNs are known to provide a wide range of options such as OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP which are not offered by free VPNs.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best VPN for Gaming

Speed is a priority when playing online games. Speed tests depend on your location and the location of your server. Gamers should find VPN providers with the best speed in the market depending on the download numbers and raw uploads. If you have reached the monthly bandwidth allocation, a connection that is faster cannot do you any good. Some providers offer unlimited bandwidth without caps and limiters.

There are times when gamers have to route games from servers in different countries; the further the data has to travel, the higher the lag which affects the speed of connectivity. Gamers need to pick VPN providers with a wide range of networks in different locations to provide more choices when looking for close and fast connections. For people who share household internet, they should select a VPN provider who offers more than three simultaneous connections with alternative plan boosters and software upgrades. If your PC, laptop, phone, gaming console and tablet share one connection, you cannot go online with all of them the same time.

VPNs are known to block specific types of traffic such as torrents and P2P. It does not directly affect online gaming, but may have an impact on downloading of the games. Even though speed is the number one priority, you might be tempted to use local internet services, but there is no need to give up your privacy as the benefits of VPN far outweigh the risks. The information might get quickly sold to a third party without your approval. VPNs keep information scrambled by encrypting data with a zero logging policy which means no data gets kept on file.

Best VPN Protocol For Gaming

To increase speed, you need to reduce the security. So if you are concern about speed. We recommend to go for PPTP Protocol. It has less secure but by far fastest protocol for gaming.

If you are concern about security, you may go for OPENVPN protocol. However, if you gaming speed is reduced. We recommend to go back to pptp.

Best VPN To Improving Your Gaming Experience

Online gaming has become famous. Below are a few quick links to some of the best VPNs.

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When choosing a VPN, it is essential to check out the features offered for your safety and security of your connection. With a reliable VPN, anyone who attempts to track your activities on the internet can only trace it to the VPN server because your IP address is hidden. Privacy-minded VPN service providers are committed to ensuring your privacy and security for their clients.