It’s important to test VPNs yourself before committing prematurely. While we did some of the work by finding and testing the below VPNs, it’s important to remember that none of these require a credit card, so you’re free to try them yourself.

Best VPN Free Trial 2018

A VPN free trial is a smart way to find out if a particular VPN satisfies your needs. Take a look at the following VPNs and see which one works best for you.a

RankProviderPrice/MonthGo To Website
1 $1.66
2 $2.62
3 $4.17
4 $4.92
5 $2.69

Using VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a group of computers and/or networks connected together over the Internet. VPNs are often used by individuals to access network resources not usually offered on their LAN (local area network), while businesses commonly use VPNs to connect to remote data centers. Privacy enthusiasts also enjoy the benefit of securing and encrypting all network communications. In other words, it’s an extra layer of security features from the outside world.VPNs can be used for a variety of reasons, but people most often seek them to mask their IP while gaming, downloading, or browsing.

Test Before You Buy

Virtual private networks are often subscription-based, meaning you should take your time before committing to one. Decide beforehand what you’d like out of your VPN, such as for IP masking or access to region-locked websites. Next, browse through the list of trial-ready VPNs below and test each one. Once you’ve found one that satisfies your needs, figure out your budget and purchase the appropriate plan.

Free VPN Trial Benefits

Today you’ll find a countless number of premium VPN services across the web, but if unblocking region-locked content is the desired usage, then you’ll surely find one of the below VPNs useful with absolutely zero geo-restrictions. A VPN free trial offers users free protection and unblocking, temporarily nonetheless. Fret not, we’ve done the hard work and tested some for you.It’s no surprise that the vast majority of users seeking a VPN don’t want to cough up their credit card information or personal data just for a free trial, so we’ve excluded the providers that may ask for this.

Choosing a Free Trial VPN

As we’ve mentioned before, it’s important to test VPNs yourself before committing prematurely. While we did some of the work by finding and testing the below VPNs, it’s important to remember that none of these require a credit card, so you’re free to try them yourself. You’ll want to ensure network speed is up to par and all features work as intended.Beware VPN providers that have strict data cap limits. Some trials will give you a measly 50-100MB+ data caps, so only bare testing can be done. Such data caps are insufficient for streaming, VoIP, or intensive browsing. Besides data caps, network throttling may come in effect if you hit a certain amount of consumed bandwidth.In addition to the aforementioned, it’s important to check that the network is fully secure and doesn’t leak your IP.

4 VPN FREE Trials You Can Try WITHOUT a Credit Card



VyprVPN is the first VPN free trial on our list, offering a free 3-day trial giving access to over 700 servers across 70 worldwide data centers. You can use this VPN on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, TV, and your router.

The Good Stuff:

  • Absolutely no network s peed throttling
  • Avoids ISP bandwidth throttling/caps by utilizing the VPN’s network
  • Includes a NAT firewall for an additional layer of security

The Bad Stuff:

  • VyprVPN may record logs for up to 30 days, meaning actions taken using the VPN network are not completely hidden
  • Limited # of connections available depending on chosen plan
  • Basic plan only offers PPTP technology


IPvanish website

Next up on our list is IPVanish, offering a 7 day free trial VPN to users who register via their iPhone, iPod or iPad apps. A slight upgrade compared to other offerings, IPVanish supports up to 5 simultaneous connections across devices. Subscribers have access to over 700 servers across 60+ countries and enjoy 256-bit AES encryption combined with 40,000+ shared IPs.

The Good Stuff:

  • Claims zero traffic logs
  • Supports P2P technology, including P2P via torrents
  • Available for OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec protocols

The Bad Stuff:

  • Reports indicate lack of support for Tor users and Netflix streamers
  • Customer support is not truly 24/7/365 as advertised

Tunnel Bear

tunnelbear website

Tunnel Bear offers three plans: Little, Giant and Grizzly. The free trial comes with a 500MB data cap each month with access to a moderate amount of servers across 20+ countries.

The Good Stuff:

  • Basic VPN for beginners seeking a secure, anonymous Internet connection
  • Doesn’t log, up to 5 connections at once
  • GhostBear technology makes data less likely to be compromised by government/ISPs

The Bad Stuff:

  • Trial plan offers only 500MB per month, which isn’t sufficient for some casual and most power users
  • Some reports of slow upload speeds compared to other VPNs


nordvpn website

Last, but not least, NordVPN offers a 3 day trial and three plans: simple (one month), standard (six months) and a one year plan.

The Good Stuff:

  • Double Data Encryption technology ensures advanced protection
  • Supports video streaming and offers unlimited bandwidth
  • DNS Leak resolver guarantees no leaks reveal your personal information

The Bad Stuff:

  • Some reports of very slow speeds at certain times despite being close to the VPN server data center
  • Several server locations across the globe, however many are European


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