You can find lots of cool Chinese websites online. The problem is that accessing those sites is very hard if you come from other country. That’s why you may have to wonder how you can access some of the most popular Chinese websites from other region. As you can imagine, the answer is simple: You just have to use a VPN solution. There’s no other way to identify and use the right Chinese address and website if you come from other country. But with a VPN, the process is very fast and convenient. It makes it easy for you to study all the options and then you can access this rather quickly!

Best VPN For China

The great firewall of China is keeping you from accessing a lot of amazing apps and websites. Here’s a list of the best VPN for China so you can enjoy even the banned sites securely.

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PIA Review

List of Sites Available Only in China


As you can imagine, there are lots of websites that you can find only in China. If you are a Chinese resident that lives in other country or a person that knows Chinese but doesn’t live in China, then you will not be able to access them. It’s always very important to make sure that you know what sites are only in China. Some of the most important Chinese sites include:

  • Sohu
  • PPTV
  • Taobao
  • JD
  • Baidu Video
  • QQ Video
  • iQiyi
  • LeTV
  • Tudou
  • Youku

How to Get a Chinese IP Address?

map of china

What you need to keep in mind about getting a Chinese IP address is that this is not a very complicated process. In fact, it’s rather easy to do and it doesn’t eat up a lot of time either. That’s what makes it very distinct and unique. That being said, you don’t have to go through many steps in order to acquire a Chinese IP address. Here you have some great ideas to focus on!

  • Check one of the VPN solutions listed in the article. Visit their website and then you will be able to download the desired solution.
  • Install the VPN software from its own website.
  • Connect to a VPN server in China from your VPN tool
  • Navigate to the desired VPN site that you want to use

And that’s it. The entire process of getting a Chinese IP address is not that hard. You just have to use the steps listed above and the experience can be quite amazing for you. Just make sure that you access the desired site whenever you want, as the experience can be more than ok!

Is It Safe to Use a Free VPN to Access Chinese Websites?

China has a massive firewall and this means you will be easily detected if you use a free VPN. The reason is simple, these VPN solutions are not very good at first, and that’s why you need to do all you can to adapt to the situation as you get the best results.

A free VPN is great for other countries, but not China. If the VPN solution doesn’t come with a very powerful and good encryption overall, then it won’t work the way you want. So, you have to adapt to the situation and identify which is the best option to avoid such problems. Some of the free VPN tools were caught inserting tracking cookies in browsers and they sold the acquired user information for a profit. This is a huge problem, and one that you do need to avoid.

The Best Choices for VPN into China

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1 $2.99
2 $4.16
3 $3.33

Features to Consider When Choosing a Good VPN for China

There are multiple features that you have to take into consideration if you want to find a good VPN for China. It’s up to you to find the best one, but the results on their own can be more than ok if you take your time with it. The idea is simple, you will have to focus on some specific features that offer you the value and quality you want.

First, you want security. Not a lot of VPN software tools have a very good security system, but you need to study and rectify that. Only by handling your information adequately you will be able to stay away from any potential issues, so try to keep that in mind.

Then you also have to make sure that the VPN solution you purchase goes over the GFW. The Chinese VPN solutions also have to be very fast, otherwise the internet connection will be very slow.

Aside from that, it’s important to focus on finding the right privacy practices right now. The best part about all of this is that it works amazingly well, so try to take that into consideration if you can.