In the recent times, U.k was applauded for being the ‘Paradise for netizens”. Anyone from anywhere in the globe could breezily access native UK sites and services including Netflix UK, BBC, and lots more. Recently, the geo-restriction embargo has been imposed and restrictions have been placed on access to U.K sites and services. Now, native residence and outsiders are expressing their deep un-satisfaction with this unfavorable development. It became difficult for UK expats in Diasporas to access their favorite TV shows or services. Due to the unjustifiable censorship policies and the geo-restriction embargo placed on UK citizen around the world, -there’s no such word as “free will”- digitally speaking.

What should I do?

These geo-restrictions let you access certain websites and service, only after verifying your IP address. If your IP does not indicate the UK, you’re automatically blocked from accessing the content. This signifies that even UK natives who went overseas, either for tourist or business purpose are also restricted from accessing their favorite shows, websites, and news, to name a few.

The advent of the UK VPN has not just unblocked the geo-restrictions placed on content rights but also solve all privacy and security issues. In other words, UK VPN providers help expats who are non-residence of the U.K to bypass all restrictions placed on UK-only content while hiding your online identity.

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Benefit of using UK VPN

Unrestricted access

UK VPN service are able to provide anonymous UK IP to its subscribers enabling them free access to online sites and Video channels from the U.K. with the VPN, you can easily watch U.K native videos and listen to live stream radio.

Data security

UK VPN offers a total data security using the 128-2048 BIT encryption. This encryption ensures that your data flows safely in an encrypted mode over the internet.  Your Internet Service Provider may use traffic shaping to block internet access, but a UK VPN helps to bypass such blocking techniques by using VPN tunneling and IP cloaking.

Anonymous surfing

Countries like Malaysia, China, UAE, Oman, Belize, etc. blocks users from accessing many sites. Unfortunately, this development may prevent you from watching your favorite UK shows online. With the best UK VPN, surfing without limitation becomes a breeze.

Unblock geo-locked sites

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Twitter, and channels like BBC and Pandora have blocked access in other countries due to the fact that their content is locked within a limited geographical domain. Those outside U.K may not be able to use iplayer or BBC. Thanks to the UK VPN, accessing geo-locked channels is nothing to worry about.


How can I bypass UK censorship?

Since the 2016 investigatory power act, which formally legalized a prompt surveillance of all U.K citizens online activity, residence’s privacy has been subjected to an intense scrutiny by ghost government agencies who are on the loose to track down whatsoever you do on the web.

With these undue changes alongside the content right deprivation, it’s best to use a VPN while login into the four walls of the UK internet. A U.K VPN encrypts every connected single traffic flowing in and out of your device by tunneling it through an agent server. This agent adds a layer of security and privacy-making it totally impossible for eavesdroppers to spot.


How can I access UK only content (BBC iplayer, itv, etc)?

As earlier discussed above, UK frankly frowns at copyright infringement and other related offenses. It’s no irony to say that UK is a very widely-selected location for VPN servers. The reason is not but due to Top UK only contents such as BBC, iplayer, itv, e.t.c.  Worried about the bragging UK geo-restriction policies? No worries, with the best UK VPN, accessing UK only contents such as BBC iplayer, ITV, channel 4 and the likes becomes a breeze.  You can easily unblock them with the bestUKVPN. That is purely the magic of a UK VPN.